What Was Your First House Crush?

Do you remember your first House Crush?? Were you driving by or walking through or maybe just looking online?

My first real estate crush was before I even held my first job. My parents were house hunting and we went to an open house in Morrow Ohio where we walked through an old 1800’s farm house on acreage. Of course it wasn’t for my parents (in fact I’m not really sure why we were even there) but I’ll never forget the excitement I got walking through the house and across the porch thinking about what the place could be….someday (ok, I’ll admit now probably only if someone had gobs of money).

Over the years there have been many other real estate love affairs I’ve had with properties. Some we’ve bought and moved into and others I just had to let go (if I wanted to keep my marriage in tact).  It’s easy to let your passion for a property cloud your judgement when making a purchase decision, which is why a good real estate professional will be able to help you analyze the property in the proper perspective.

Your hot buttons might be different from others, but in this survey, Realtor.com found what other home buyers are crushing on these days.


Real Estate Crushes